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Guiding others to reach their goals – and feel amazing

I run my own personal training services Mamassential™ and will be your personal fitness coach and healthy lifestyle mentor.

Training speciality:

Pregnancy – Look and feel amazing

Georgie Jackson shares her experience:

I was so pleasantly surprised at how much I could continue to do whilst being pregnant and it was so nice to be able to work at a decent intensity and get a lot from the sessions but know I was within safe boundaries. I benefited so much from the sessions, physically it really helped me to maintain a really good active level throughout the pregnancy even up to the end, and as a result I have managed to not put on excess baby weight, which I thought was an inevitable! It made me feel really good too, and because physically I didn’t change too much (only the wonderful growing bump!) it meant I stayed really happy and contented throughout the whole of my pregnancy

Lose Baby Weight – Bounce back to your pre-pregnancy body.

Kate Flanagan shares her results:

I now feel so much better than even before my pregnancy in fitness terms. I am so much stronger and more energetic, and as a bonus, having lost 6kg I am actually in a smaller jeans size now than in years!

Lose Fat & Shape Up – Fitness with results

Madeleine shares her positive views on getting fitter:

I felt I needed someone to push me through the difficult beginning of trying to get fit. Once I began to see some improvements and to hit some goals, I came to really love it. Being able to train in the open air was a bonus too. A big goal was being able to go out for a run and be able to do 20mins, which I have now achieved and can run happily for 30mins

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