About Me



It’s the simple things in life that makes me happy

Growing up

I have always been physically active. From the age of 6 with the support of my parents, I tried a variety of sports and activities, including playing the flute and piano, being a girls scout and experimenting with tennis, swimming and football, before settling for my main two sports; competitive league handball and social horse riding, both of which I did for around 12 years.
Growing up in Denmark, all commuting took place by bicycle; school, sports, visiting friends, shopping, even night clubbing. I would plough through hail, snow, ice, rain, you name it, to get from A to B. I would even cycle home heavily influenced by alcohol, in stilettos. And yes, I have had many accidents. This is standard practise in Denmark btw.
I did well in school, ate my vegetables and exercised every day. My upbringing was safe, with freedom, love and support from my family and I am forever grateful for my childhood, upbringing and my roots.


Finding fitness

At the age of 18 I left my sports behind and moved on to fitness. I tried this thing called a ‘spinning class’, the instructor was particularly good looking, but I was hooked on the work out too and I never looked back. Still to this day, indoor cycling takes a huge space in my heart and I have been teaching indoor cycling classes (LesMills RPM) since 2008 while in 2016 I have switched to Flywheel.
Along with the spinning classes, my love for fitness grew too. In 2003 I did my first fitness qualification and since then I have added many of those, following on to inspire and help others to achieve their personal health and fitness goals.



I hold a Diploma in ‘Service Management within the Health and Fitness Industry’, (Denmark) and a 1st Class BA (Hons) Business & Management degree (Southampton, UK), along with my fitness professional qualifications such as Personal Trainer Level 3, Sports Conditioning, and Pre and Post Natal Exercise Specialization.


I now run my own business, Mamassential™, which is mobile Pre and Post Natal Personal Training services, helping pregnant women feel their best and guide them through safe pregnancy exercise as well as helping new mothers bounce back from pregnancy. And yes, I can help ‘normal’ people too.



I love travelling and discovering new places and new people (especially with my bike).
The beach, calm sea and an ice cold diet coke is my preferred form of relaxation.
I love surrounding myself with inspiring people.


Sunshine and the feeling of freedom