When it’s over, before it’s even started

When I look at this image, I convince myself that I am strong and that I am a fighter.
However San Dimas Stage Race is over for me.
Stage 2 – 90K Road Race (8 laps) on a technical course with everything I am not used to: longer hills, short, but very steep hills, sharp corners, rough road surface, cones, barriers, narrow lanes… , 3 KOMs and 3 sprints sections in an 80 rider strong field. . . .

Lacking confidence and recent experience (last similar race was Sept 2015 in Denmark for UWCT Final) I found myself fighting at the rear of the peloton. And that’s a risky position.
I got dropped on the KOM section on lap 2. And eventually after almost all solo effort in an attempt to finish the race, I got lapped just before the 7th lap and pulled from the race.
That’s a total disqualification.
. . .
Amazing work by team mate Irena finishing 9th and good luck to Irena and Audrey in the Crit today. . . .
22 riders total got DNF in stage 2, and unfortunately 3 of those belong to the SAS team. That’s cycling racing. . . .
The amazing Kristin Armstrong (43 years old) sat in front of the race throughout every single lap and remains in yellow
Speedy recovery to the girls in crashes.
. . .
I am totally fine and I accept where I am and what my situation is. I am forever grateful for these opportunities.
The fight continues…. . . .

Photo credit Anette McCusker (photo from the time trial, however it says it all) . . .


I quit! … But I accept.

Sea Otter Classic #day2

40 mins Circuit Race I woke up feeling a bit broken. Not only from a beaten up right side of my body, but also from sleeping on a thin mattress in a tent for 2 people [?] The night before driving down to the Sea Otter race venue, I lost my lift. I then had to do a last minute car rental.
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