I quit! … But I accept.

Sea Otter Classic #day2

40 mins Circuit Race
I woke up feeling a bit broken. Not only from a beaten up right side of my body, but also from sleeping on a thin mattress in a tent for 2 people [?]
The night before driving down to the Sea Otter race venue, I lost my lift. I then had to do a last minute car rental. And that set me back a whopping USD 700!!! That basically meant zero budget for accommodation for this 4 day event.

Magically, an Instagram friend, Janice, appeared and offered to share her tent on the camping grounds with me incl. everything I need for camping; mattress, sleeping bag, warm clothes, jacket, beanie, flash light, you name it, she’s got it covered. I have obviously never met her before. Big hearted woman ❤️
For those of you don’t know me well enough, I am NOT a camping girl ⛺️❌ It took a lot of courage to accept this offer.
Anyway, I take it as ‘an adventure’, knowing this is not ideal for performance.

I survived the first night, but woke up broken, sore and now with a cold. I had no desire to race. I headed down to Shimano who kept my bike over night to get my Di2 out of crash mode and then went out on my warm up. 20 mins before start, my back shifters stopped working again. I rushed back through the crowds to the Shimano booth, who got my shifters working again (somewhat).
I am on the start line. I have no mojo. Today’s field a larger. Juniors, Cat 3, 4 and Masters together. At least twice as big as the Pro field.

We have a rather big hill on the circuit. All riders seem to be doing ‘tempo’ up the hill on every circuit. It suits me perfectly as I can then happily sit at the front. The fast downhill corkscrew is a different story though. I usually LOVE descending, but with the wind pulling hard on my 60mm rims and my still open wounds, I find myself not enjoying the downhill much.

On the second last lap (of 6 total), a breakaway forms on the top of the hill, on the other side from me, and I miss it. 3 masters women chase, so I have to go with them. As we reach the bottom of the hill, I am spent! I give up! Can’t be bothered with the suffering!
I ride the usual ‘tempo’ up the hill as I get closer and closer to the 3 masters women. Damn, they don’t ride well on that climb, why did I give up??? I chase and chase down towards the finish, but I am still spent.
I finish 4th place Masters Cat (of 14 total).

I have no regrets and no excuses. But reality is that I gave up on the last lap. I gave up instead of digging in. And really that’s not good enough. No mojo. It is what it is. I accept #keepsmiling


I am simply not good enough

Redlands is over for me already in the middle of stage 1 (of 5). I didn't make the requirements for moving to next stage. And got pulled from the race. It's very simple, I lack experience and confidence in moving up to the front of the field. The courses are technical and hilly and the pro field with former World Champs
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