I am simply not good enough

Redlands is over for me already in the middle of stage 1 (of 5). I didn’t make the requirements for moving to next stage. And got pulled from the race.

It’s very simple, I lack experience and confidence in moving up to the front of the field. The courses are technical and hilly and the pro field with former World Champs and Olympian are going so fast.

Always sitting at the back like an elastic band is so so hard. There is never rest. Always fight and always chase.
In these situations my strength feels good, but my fitness is lacking. Heart rate max.

It’s simple and totally acceptable. The jump from UAE racing to American Pro racing is simply too big.
I have missed all the steps in between.

I am staying in Redlands with the team and super excited to follow, support and learn as much as I can from the side. Of course it’s hard. But it’s the truth. I am forever grateful for this amazing opportunity.
Good luck #teamsasmcogepacquisio

I am in high spirits and have a few other things up my sleeve while I am in the US [?]

Stay tuned…

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